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Daily Devotions

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Fishing not Sorting

Posted: Saturday, January 21

 Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

One Year Bible reading Guide

Genesis 42:18-43:34
Matthew 13:47-14:12
Psalm 18:16-36
Proverbs 4:7-10

Verse of the day:

“When the net was full, they dragged it up onto the shore, sat down, and sorted the good fish into crates, but threw the bad ones away.” (Matthew 13:48 NLT)


Jesus loved to use stories to tell of spiritual truths. These are called parables. Some parables are easy to understand and the message is straight forward. Others seems to have even deeper meaning as you continue to think on them. Today’s verse comes from one of the more complex parables.



It seems rather straight forward. The kingdom of Heaven is like a fishing net. When the fisherman throws out his net, he catches any and all fish in the area: the good, the bad and the ugly. Jesus said that the fisherman would sort through the fish at the end of the day to sort out the fish that would be worth eating and the fish worth selling from the ones that were bad. The bad ones are thrown out.



Jesus said that that is how the things work. When we present the gospel message, many people will respond. However, not everyone that responds does so with a pure heart and a pure resolve. Jesus said that there is coming a day when God will send his angels to sort through the mess and separate the evil from the righteous. There will be a dividing of the house. Some get in and other do not.



This type of story does not sit well with a society that gives our participation trophies and declares that we will not keep score and everyone is a winner. Many are shocked to find out that God is actually keeping score and there are winners and losers. There are righteous and unrighteous. He has given us the rule book and expects us to play by the rules. When we do, we win. When we don’t, we will be cast out.



So what are we to do? We are to remember that God has called us to cast the net. He has called us to share the message. We are called to catch what we can. He is the sorter. He will decide who gets a crown of life and who is lacking. So relax, our job is not to judge, it is to fish. So cast your net wide and don’t worry about who responds. God is good at cleaning fish, we just need to catch them.