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Healthy Safety Concerns

Health and Safety are perhaps two of the greatest concerns for most traveling to places they have never been to before. Oak Creek Assembly of God and our missions leaders take both very seriously.

Travel Warnings and Alerts

Often when an individual decides to go to a place they have never been, both the individual and family begin to listen more closely to what is happening within that particular country. Because there is so many sources for news and opinions (some reliable and not so reliable), we regularly monitor the U.S. State Department.

Emergency Medical/Travel Insurance

As part of the trip cost, every team member receives Emergency Medical and Travel Insurance.


Oak Creek Assembly of God always recommends that team members visit their primary care physician before traveling internationally.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide medical advice or make recommendations as it relates to immunizations or prescriptions for travel. You may also refer to the Center for Diseases Control website (www.cdc.gov/travel).     

On-Trip Emergency

Prior to departure, you will be given an emergency contact that you can give to family and friends, should they need to get ahold of you, in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.