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How Do I Begin The Daniel Fast?

Five easy steps to help you start The Daniel Fast:


Step 1 – Set Your Objectives

Decide why you are fasting. This will enable you to pray more strategically.


Step  2 – Make Your Commitment

Choose what foods and/or activities you want to set aside and for how long. Go to the Join Daniel Fast 2017 page and let us know you are participating.


Step 3 – Prepare Yourself Physically

Please consult your physician first before making any dietary changes, especially if you take prescription medication or have a chronic aliment. To prepare for a fast, we suggest gradually eating smaller meals and avoiding high-fat and sugary foods. You can then eat raw fruit and vegetables for two days before starting the fast.


Step  4 – Set Aside Daily Times of Prayer and Bible Study

Find a specific time and place to pray and read the Bible daily. This is an important part of the journey when we believe God will begin to reveal things that will change your perspective about Him and life situations you are facing.


Step 5 – End Your Fast Gradually

You'll want to avoid eating solid foods immediately after your fast. We suggest eating smaller meals or snacks each day for the first three days after the end of your fast.