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Power for Living groups are small-group experiences built into your Sunday.  Dynamic leaders guide you through a discussion on the topic you choose.  These groups are open to everyone.  No need to sign up.  Just show up.  Try any class, any week.  Ask an usher, greeter, welcome center host or information center volunteer if you need help finding a room.

August Leaders, Locations & Topics

Sherry Brooks & Steve Turner

Northview // Christianity 101: Basics of the Christian Faith

The best place to start if you are new to Oak Creek Assembly of God, exploring the foundations of the Christian faith or recommitting your life to Christ.  Receive a $5 certificate to the Living Water Bookstore upon completion.


Pastor Dan

Music Hall // The Radical Worship Solution

Come join Pastor Dan for a behind-the-scenes look at our worship ministry. Creativity, unity, authenticity, and humility--how can they clash and how can they compliment?



Mike Williams & Dave Linz

Youth Chapel // In The Gap

Learn how to have hope when everything seems hopeless and to have faith when the situation is dire. Based on In the Gap by Wilfredo de Jesus, look at courageous people in Scripture who recognized desperate needs and trusted God to use them to make a difference.



Dave Sisti

C-118 // Prophecy-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This month we will look at the timing of the Rapture, America's role in prophecy, angels and witnesses during the Tribulation and much, much more.



Pastor Tom

Multi-Purpose Room // Young Pros:Engaging Without Losing

See what Jesus tells us about how to live and work in His kingdom as we wait for it to come in fullness. Explore how Jesus announced His kingdom, challenged the culture, and then ran with a mission toward the cross.



Mike & Sarah Peppers, Adrian Hernandez, Kevin Gonzalez

C-112 (Crossroads) // Principles from the Prophets

Explore Old Testament life stories of those who received blessing from a surrendered walk with God as well as those who did not follow His direction. Look at these people in their historical context. Discuss how we can learn from the choices they made.



Phil Kenner & Jay Lammert

C-116 // Revolutionary Parenting

Researcher George Barna investigated the lives of thriving adult Christians and discovered the essential steps their parents took to shape their spiritual lives in childhood. Discuss surprising truths about which popular parenting tactics just aren’t working. See how to instill a vibrant commitment to Christ in your children.



Reed Bonneville, Jon Wardecke

C-104 // Verse by Verse: Romans

Unpack Paul's letter that sought to unify a divided church. See why Romans is considered to be the fullest explanation of the Gospel - the Good News about Jesus Christ's life, death and resurrection.



John & Carol Rieger and Todd Rosploch

Prayer Room // Caleb’s Prayer Army



Jim Cruse

Chapel // Book of Revelation

In this class we are completing an in-depth study of the Book of Revelation along with reviewing current events and how the events signal the soon return of Christ.



 Bill Barnier & Michael Kelly

C-102 // Good Lessons from Bad Examples

Bible characters were real people with flaws and weaknesses. Some overcame their struggles with the help of the Lord. Others stubbornly rejected God. This group provides valuable faith lessons from individuals who, to one degree or another, provided bad examples.



Charles Siebert

D-103 // Overcoming Addictive Behavior

Emotional strongholds come in all shapes and sizes--doubt, rejection, poor self-esteem, pride, stubbornness, a victim mentality, or defeatism. Which of these are you battling? Which ones are undermining your confidence and eroding your spiritual strength? Join me in examining emotional strongholds so that you can bring victory into your life.



Ruth Robbins

Youth Café // Healing for Today

When Jesus died on the cross, He gave us, through His wounds, death, and resurrection, access to all things good that are found in Heaven. Learn how God is working to provide us with a long, full, healthy life.


Mike Jacobs

Conference Room // Training: Ukraine Reach Team

This is a training class for the Reach Team going to Ukraine. Learn about your trip itinerary, culture in the region, and how your project fits into the vision of Assemblies of God World Missions.



Lisa Hurtado

C-108 // Fundamentos del cristainismo

Esta clase ayudará tanto a aquellos que son nuevos en la fe como a los que llevan más tiempo asistiendo a la iglesia a que puedan conocer los principios bíblico básicos para una vida cristiana exitosa.



Antonio Cruz

C-110 // Los cinco lenguajes del amor

¿Cómo nos suplimos el uno al otro las profundas necesidades emocionales a fin de sentirnos amados? Se aprendemos eso y lo hacemos, el amor mutuo será emocionante más allá de lo que sentimos alguna vez cuando nos enamoramos.




Francisco Figueroa

D-101 //Desarróllese como líder

Las características personales que constituyen la materia prima del liderazgo pueden adquirirse. Aprenda cuatro principios que lo ayudarán.



JIm Sanders

C-114 //Love, Grace & Law in the Christian Family

Join us for a discussion of how to apply the concepts of Biblical "Law" and "Grace" to family issues in our current times.



Take advantage of our our complimentary online library of video Bible studies from the nation's top pastors and teachers.  Click here to get started now:


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