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Power for Living groups are small-group experiences built into your Sunday.  Dynamic leaders guide you through a discussion on the topic you choose.  These groups are open to everyone.  No need to sign up.  Just show up.  Try any class, any week.  Ask an usher, greeter, welcome center host or information center volunteer if you need help finding a room.

October Leaders, Locations & Topics

Sherry Brooks & Steve Turner

Northview // Christianity 101: Basics of the Christian Faith

This is a great next step for those who have completed the Discover group.  Bridge the gap between your decision to follow Christ and the essential basics for every believer.  


Pastor Shawn

Conference Room // Discover

Start here if you’re new.  This is the best place to begin and belong.  This group is your first step in connecting to life at Oak Creek Assembly of God.  Discover what we’re all about and how to engage through in our community.  To join, visit oakcreekag.org/discover.


Pastor Brooks & Staff

D-103 // Membership

Oak Creek Assembly of God membership gives you a voice in big decisions and an opportunity to participate in leadership in a greater way.  Members lead the way in community building, serving, praying and generosity.  To join, click oakcreekag.org/membership.


Bill Barnier, Michael Kelly

C-102 // The Compassion of Jesus: Luke

Focus on several great accounts illustrating the compassion of Jesus.  Be challenged to follow the example of Christ, demonstrating compassion to fellow believers as well as the spiritually lost. Through these lessons, we’re reminded that our Savior is loving and kind, and works miraculously in the lives of His people.


Mike Ganiere & Pastor Tom

Multi-Purpose Room (Young Pros) // Inside Out: Becoming An Extraordinary Leader

The world is desperate for a different leadership model.  We know the negative effects of self-serving leaders.  Expand your vision to lead as a servant.  Develop a generous life of faithfulness, integrity and selflessness.


Reed Bonneville, Jon Wardecke

C-104 // Verse by Verse: Romans

Unpack Paul’s letter that sought to unify a divided church.  See why Romans is considered to be fullest explanation of the Gospel - the Good News about Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection.


Jim Cruse

Chapel // R-U-E

Focus on current events, examining the major signs pointing to the return of Jesus: increases in technology and travel, rise of a one world religion and one world government, wars and rumors of war, dramatic rise in earthquakes, and the truth of the falling away.


Joy & Jamie Herbst

Music Hall // Goliath Must Fall

We all face giants like rejection, anxiety, fear, anger, and addiction.  See how to dwell on the size of our God, not the height of our giants.  Ensure that whatever your affliction is, it can, will, and must fall down with the power of Jesus.


John & Carol Rieger, Todd Rosploch

Prayer Room // Caleb’s Prayer Army


Dave Linz, Mike Williams

Youth Chapel // Relationship Builders

Explore how God’s Word guides more mature Christians to proactively build relationships with those who are newer in following Christ.  Learn from biblical examples of pouring your life into others.  See how to live engaged and invested in the next generation.


Pastor Armin

C-112 (Crossroads) // Headlines & The Church

Christian values often conflict with what’s occurring in the surrounding culture.  Understand biblical truths behind positions some see as controversial.  Learn how to search the Bible for answers to challenging questions.


Ric Maggard

C-114 // Answering the Skeptic

Not all questions are easy to answer. In this class we will learn to use well reasoned, historical, and evidence based arguments to defend Christianity and answer the difficult question about our faith.


Jim Sanders, Phil Kenner

C-116 // From Anger to Intimacy

How couples respond to anger can make all the difference in their relationship and in their lives. Learn three essentials of forgiveness and five keys to nurturing a forgiving spirit.  Find answers to big questions about anger and forgiveness in marriage.


David Sisti

C-118 // Witnessing to the Hard to Reach

Do you panic when a Mormon or Jehovah witness knocks on your door? Do you avoid talking with an atheist? Or do you avoid witnessing at all? This class will teach you how to witness to these people and more with a 6-week emphasis on reaching Muslims.


Pastor Jon & Joanie Brooks

Youth Cafe // Preparing for Marriage

Learn how to experience a better marriage through setting expectations and effectively resolving conflict.  This 8-week group started in September.  If you would like to join, we recommend starting with next group in January.


Veronica Castillo

C-110 // Jesús es...

Explora varios temas bíblicos que revelan el propósito de la venida de Jesús, lo que logró cuando estuvo aquí, y lo que eso significa para los que vinimos después.


Johnny Torres

D-101 // 1 Samuel: El comienzo del reino

Aprende como, cuando y porque Israel se volvió de los jueces hacia los reyes. Estudiaremos un periodo de 100 años dentro de la historia bíblica – desde el nacimiento de Samuel hasta la muerte de Saúl.


Lisa Hurtado y Ángel Cruz

C-108 // Membresía

Nuestros miembros están comprometidos a avanzar la misión de la iglesia con su tiempo, talento y tesoro. Hablaremos acerca de los fundamentos, valores y el propósito de nuestra iglesia. Al final, podrás tomar la decisión si la membresía es para ti. Necesitas haber asistido a la iglesia regularmente por los últimos seis meses para tomar esta clase.






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