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Daily Devotions

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Sunday, April 13

Posted: Sunday, April 13

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Joshua 7:16-9:2
Luke 16:1-18
Psalm 82:1-8
Proverbs 13:2-3


Verse of the day:

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.  (Luke 16:13)


Wow!  Did Achan do a great job of illustrating that verse (Luke 16:13) or what?  Too bad he chose the wrong master.  Achan’s story is in Joshua chapter 7.  Achan chose the riches of Jericho rather than obeying God.  When God gave Jericho to the Israelites God gave the order that they were “to keep away from the devoted things” (v.18).  Verses 20 through 23 tell us that Achan disobeyed God by taking a beautiful robe, silver coins and a wedge of gold from Jericho and hiding it.

Because of Achan’s sin the Israelites were beaten badly by the little city of Ai when they went against it.  After Jericho, Ai should have been no problem.  When it was revealed that Achan had sinned and it was dealt with, the Israelites went up against Ai again and conquered it.  But this time God said “you may carry off their plunder… for yourselves” (8:2).  If Achan had only obeyed and waited, he would have shared in Ai’s riches too.  God takes care of His own but he does want our obedience.  Be careful of who you make your master.  Choose to love, be devoted to and serve God, not money or this world. 


Pastor Dennis Daywitt // Children's Pastor

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