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Daily Devotions

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Sunday, May 18

Posted: Sunday, May 18

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

1 Samuel 22:1-23:29
John 10:1-21
Psalm 115:1-18
Proverbs 15:18-19



Verse of the day:

I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me. (John 10:14)


One of the things that many people outside of the church don’t understand is the personal aspect of a relationship with Jesus. It is hard to comprehend how one could have such a deep love and interaction with a being that we cannot touch, hear, or see. It is difficult to believe that God would care about us as an individual, out of the billions of individuals on the planet. It is harder still to think that we could personally know him. 

Yet this is the type of relationship Jesus is inviting us to: a relationship where we know him and he knows us. When we enter a relationship with God, through Jesus, he already knows all about our wants, needs and desires. He invites us to learn about his wants, needs and desires. We can know him. We can hear him. Choose today to spend some time listening for Jesus’ voice. Take a few moments to tell him about your day. Invite Him to walk with you throughout your day and as you walk along, be listening for his guidance and direction. Many times Jesus leads our life through nudges in our spirit. Be open to his touch today. Let him lead and guide your day. He is the good shepherd. Let him be your shepherd today.    


Pastor Shawn Follis // Student Ministries Pastor