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Daily Devotions

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Sunday, June 15

Posted: Sunday, June 15

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

1 Kings 14:1-15:24
Acts 10:1-23
Psalm 133:1-3
Proverbs 17:7-8


Verse of the day:

Harmony is as refreshing as the dew from Mount Hermon that falls on the mountains of Zion. And there the Lord has pronounced his blessing, even life everlasting. (Psalm 133:3)


We can’t say enough to persuade people to live together in peace and harmony. It is good for us, for our honor and comfort; and it brings a constant delight to those who live in unity. The pleasantness of this is compared to the holy anointing oil. This is the fruit of the Spirit, the proof of our union with Christ, and adorns his gospel. It is profitable as well as pleasing; it brings blessings as numerous as the drops of dew that fall on Mount Zion. And as the dew cools the air and refreshes the earth, so unity cools the scorching heat of men's passions. It moistens the heart, and makes it fit to receive God’s Word, and makes it fruitful.

Where people dwell together in unity, the Lord commands the blessing. Believers that live in love and peace, shall have the God of love and peace with them now. Then in time, they shall be with him forever, in the world of endless love and peace. May we all, who love the Lord, forgive one another as God, for Christ's sake, hath forgiven us.


Pastor Ken Beach // Creative Arts & Executive Pastor