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Daily Devotions

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Thursday, July 3

Posted: Thursday, July 3

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

2 Kings 22:3-23:30
Acts 21:37-22:16
Psalm 1:1-6
Proverbs 18:11-12


Verse of the day:

You will be his witness to all people of what you have seen and heard. (Acts 22:15)


Being a vibrant witness for Christ starts with living the life and being near with those who are far from God, but it doesn’t stop there.  You see, people will never come to faith in Jesus without the clear communication of the gospel. The Apostle Paul was adamant about this in Romans 10 when he wrote that the gospel message must be preached. It’s not enough just to live the life, someone has to speak up. People need to know who God is, the damage sin causes, and that Jesus offers forgiveness and life.

There are so many great illustrations we can use to share the gospel: “The Bridge,” “Do vs. Done,” and so on. But I am convinced that the greatest illustration of the life changing power of Jesus Christ is you! What God has done in your life is irrefutable. It cannot be discounted and it cannot be dismissed. If you are a follower of Jesus, you are an eye-witness of the amazing grace of God.

So, what’s your story? What have you witnessed God do in your life? Take a moment to think about what your life was like before you became a follower of Jesus. Next, recall the moment that you made Christ the Lord of your life. Finally, consider how God has changed you. When you put these three pieces together, this is your testimony, your story.

Take some time to thank God for what He has done in your life and then ask Him to grant you an opportunity to share your story with someone today. Get ready…your day is about to get pretty exciting!


Pastor Mark McKinstry // Missions & Christian Education Pastor