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Daily Devotions

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Seeds Of The Season // Thursday, August 7

Posted: Thursday, August 7

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Ezra 4:24-6:22
1 Corinthians 3:5-23
Psalm 29:1-11
Proverbs 20:26-27


Verse of the day:

It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. (1 Corinthians 3:7)


As the August heat settles in, it is time for crops to being to mature and look forward to the harvest that is to come. However, for there to be a harvest, there must first be a seed planted. Have you ever looked at a seed and wondered how something could grow from something so small.


I have planted several seed in my day. Some have grown in to tomato plants that have yielded a bumper crop; others have not fared so well. Yet, of all the seeds that I have planted, not one of them grew because of me. I just put the seed into conditions that were right for success. 


When it comes to sharing our faith with others, so many times we worry about the harvest when we should be focusing on the current conditions. Is this a good time to plant God’s word in their heart? Is God’s word already there and we just need to encourage it? God brings the harvest. It is our job to make sure we are presenting the Gospel seed into the best conditions for growth.


Pray that today your eyes will be open to the hearts that are ready for a seed to be planted or an encouraging word to water what has already been planted. Then pray that God will make it grow.


Pastor Shawn Follis // Student Pastor