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Daily Devotions

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When God Speaks // Sunday, August 31

Posted: Sunday, August 31

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Job 37:1-39:30
2 Corinthians 4:13-5:10
Psalm 44:9-26
Proverbs 22:13


Verse of the day:

Then the LORD answered Job from the whirlwind (Job 38:1)


I would dare say that we all have had a Job experience; a moment in our lives where we lifted our heads towards God and yelled, “God, where are you? Why are you silent? Why have all these things come against me? How have I wronged you? God, why won’t you speak?” What would you have done in that moments if God really had replied? Would you really be ready for his answer?


If you are a parent, you may be able to look at this story from God’s perspective. You may have experienced a time where your children demanded answers. Answers that you did not have to give. Answers that they most likely would not have understood or even liked. You are the parent and the fact is, you don’t have to defend yourself and your decisions. You understand that your child has limited knowledge and limited experience; both of these will limit their ability to understand your position, motives and decisions.


Because God is the ultimate authority in the universe, he never has to defend himself or his decisions. Sovereignty has its benefits. He knows that our limited minds and limited life spans put us in a place where we cannot understand his will or his ways. God does not have to defend himself. He does not have to speak.


That is why it is so amazing that here, at the end of Job’s book, God does speak. God reminds Job of his Sovereignty, his eternal existence, his limitless power and knowledge. God reminds Job that Job is merely a human, while God is the supreme, preexisting power in the universe.


We all long to hear God’s voice. Just make sure that you are prepared to hear what he has to say. He is not a tame God that we can order around or demand from. He will speak when he chooses; and you will be in awe when he does.


Pastor Shawn Follis // Student Pastor