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Daily Devotions

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Speak Life // Friday, September 12

Posted: Friday, September 12

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Isaiah 10:1-11:16
2 Corinthians 12:11-21
Psalms 56:1-13
Proverbs 23:6-8 


I am constantly hounded by those who slander me, and many are boldly attacking me. (Psalm 56:2)


As a military leader and a king David routinely found himself on the receiving end of slander and criticism. Have you found yourself in that same place? Have you noticed that people feel quite free to speak their minds these days? 

Joanie and I were at a restaurant this past week and the lady next to us blew a gasket because her bolognese was too spicy. When the waiter and manager tried to make things right she said she didn’t want to eat another bite and stormed out without paying anything. By the way, Joanie had also ordered the bolognese and it was incredible.

As Christians we realize that we are to be careful with our words, speaking life and truth to others. However there seems to be 2 loopholes in the minds of many Christians, two areas where it’s okay to say whatever we want without consequence. These two areas are politics and the internet. People feel free to mercilessly attack politicians they don’t agree with. People tear apart churches and ministries and pastors online. People say things in a facebook post that they would never say to someone’s face. 

As Christ followers, you and I have the ability to stand out by carefully choosing our words today. Put your words through the filter of grace and truth and see what God does next.


Pastor Jon Brooks // College & Young Adult Pastor