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Daily Devotions

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Poison in Disguise // Wednesday, September 10

Posted: Wednesday, September 10

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Isaiah 6:1-7:25
2 Corinthians 11:16-33
Psalms 54:1-7
Proverbs 23:1-3 


Verse of the Day:

While dining with a ruler,   pay attention to what is put before you. (Proverbs 23:1 NLT)


I’ll begin with this disclaimer. If you’re reading this over lunch, you may want to wait… 


The last time I experienced food poisoning was two years ago. I ate lunch at a seemingly harmless Thai restaurant in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I hopped in my car and began the hour drive back to Tulsa. Half way home, my body began to deconstruct itself. Eventually, I was on the side of Interstate 44 in blinding pain reconsidering major life decisions—specifically, falling in love with the woman who introduced me to Thai food.


Proverbs provides specific instructions for meals with authority figures. “If you are a big eater, put a knife to your throat; don’t desire all the delicacies for he might be trying to trick you.” Another translation says, “Do not desire his delicacies for it is deceptive food.”


It is an amazing facet of our humanity how food affects us. The smallest amount of poison can redirect the entire body. When we spend time with those in authority or persons of wealth, it can be a natural reaction to accept every food, drink, joke, gossip, instruction or idea offered to us. Let us consider what our bodies and minds ingest. Let us allow our heavenly king to give us wisdom and self-control in these important relationships.


Pastor Dan Wooton // Worship & Music Pastor