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Daily Devotions

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The Demon Called Legion

Posted: Sunday, January 11

Pastor Joshua Humpa // Special Events Pastor

Pastor Joshua Humpa // Special Events Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Genesis 24:52-26:16
Matthew 8:18-34
Psalm 10:1-15
Proverbs 3:7-8


Verse of the day:

“All right,” Jesus told them. “Begone.” And they came out of the men and entered the pigs, and the whole herd rushed over a cliff and drowned in the water below. (Matthew 8:32)

When I take the time to really think through this story found in Matthew 8:28-34, I can’t help but think of how gruesome and terrifying this would be if created into a horror movie. I wonder what these men did before we meet them that lead to them becoming demon possessed. Did they practice witchcraft, get caught in with the wrong people that lead to evil choices, or even possibly worship idols or occult gods? I wonder if these two guys knew each other before they were demon possessed or if the demons brought them together. 


These two were the stuff of ghost stories - but real. The accounts found in Mark 5 and Luke 8 shed more light on what these guys were like. They were naked, lived in the cemetery, would snap the chains used to try and hold them, screamed out all day and night, cut themselves with stones, and were so violent that no one even went near them. They were the towns monsters. I’m sure parents would tell their children not to play anywhere near the cemetery, and kids being kids, would wander near it only to be terrorized by these two men. I picture group raids similar to the one in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast with pitch forks, torches, and chants, “Kill the beast!” only for the retaliation to be met with the presence of the supernatural. The people in the city of Gadarenes could do nothing about it. They were hostages to the two men, or rather these demons. 


That is until Jesus shows up. When their boats lands, Jesus takes his first step onto dry ground when the two men coming running to meet Him. When Jesus sees them coming he demands for the demons to come out of the men. They beg for mercy to not be tortured and Jesus in full control asks their name. The demon within the man replies, “Legion, for we are many.” Can you imagine being one of the disciples still in the boat? How terrifying is the demons’ response let alone what these guys look like and are doing. Jesus then commands the demons to enter pigs nearby and the pigs drown. 


As crazy, scary, and unreal this story may seem there are people all around the world that are in the same predicament. People who have opened themselves up to dark supernatural powers. As Satan does so well, anytime he comes near our lives its not for our good. I’m thankful for a God who is so much mightier than Satan or his minions. Satan doesn’t stand a chance against Jesus. There’s no loopholes, no maybe he’ll win, not even the slightest chance that Satan could out master Jesus Christ. Our God reigns, and I’m glad I’m on His strong side. Our God is bigger than the things of this world or the supernatural. He commands all things in this universe - let’s praise Him and give Him our all because of that! Let’s pray for those exposed to Satan’s opressive grip to be loosened and Jesus’ life changing power to set the captive free!