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Daily Devotions

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Purified of Deceit

Posted: Saturday, February 21

Pastor Ken Beach // Creative Arts &amp; Executive Pastor

Pastor Ken Beach // Creative Arts & Executive Pastor

One Year Bible Reading  Guide:

Leviticus 11:1-12:8
Mark 5:21-43
Psalm 38:1-22
Proverbs 10:8-9


Verse of the day:

People with integrity walk safely, but those who follow crooked paths will be exposed. (Proverbs 10:9)

"Tell the truth the first time and then you won't have to remember what you said." That's a quote attributed to a former Speaker of the House. That's basically what God's wisdom is trying to teach us in this passage. Be a person of integrity. Then, if someone finds out what could be considered your secrets, you can feel secure in knowing that because you have lived for godliness, what they will learn is that you a person after God’s own heart. 


However, a perverse and deceitful person has to constantly worry that someone will find him or her out. There is no security or assurance in “crooked paths”, only the certainty of getting tripped up and caught. When the secrets of evil that have been whispered in dark places get shouted from the rooftops, those who have lived for the Lord do not have to worry and can be secure, knowing that what gets shouted about them comes from the lips of God when He says, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"


Our character and integrity are some of our most valuable assets—we must protect them while creating and preserving our legacy. A legacy that others will find worthy of following. 


Our prayer request today should be for forgiveness for those times we have been both secretly and openly dishonest. We need to ask God to purify us of deceit and help us speak only what is true and appropriate—to help us transform into a person of holy character—both in public and private. Try it—you’ll sleep better!