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Daily Devotions

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Your Heart's Value

Posted: Tuesday, February 24

Pastor Jon Brooks // College &amp; Young Adult Pastor

Pastor Jon Brooks // College & Young Adult Pastor

One Year Bible Reading:

Leviticus 15:1-16:28
Mark 7:1-23
Psalm 40:11-17
Proverbs 10:13-14


Verse of the day:

It’s not what goes into your body that defiles you; you are defiled by what comes from your heart (Mark 7:15)

It’s easy to underestimate the value of our hearts but it is precisely our hearts that Jesus is interested in. The heart is that invisible root that produces the visible branches and fruit in our lives. Out of the heart we develop our attractions and loves. Our heart guides our motives for why we do what we do. Have you given much attention to your heart lately? It’s often easier to focus on our outside behavior than look inward.


C.S. Lewis wrote about his own heart, “For the first time I examined myself with a seriously practical purpose. And there I found what appalled me: a zoo of lusts, a bedlam of ambitions, a nursery of fears, a harem of fondled hatreds. My name was legion.” Far from being a bad and overly introspective thing, this was how he became a Christian, how he saw his need for a Savior who promised he came not for the healthy but the sick. Sick-hearted people are the ones Jesus came for.


It’s incredible to know that our hearts are safe with Jesus. He knows the sickness and darkness that permeates our hearts and He alone can bring light, healing and transformation to the core of who we are. Your heart matters to God.