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Daily Devotions

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Stay Alert And Keep Watch

Posted: Saturday, March 7

Pastor Shawn Follis // Student Pastor

Pastor Shawn Follis // Student Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Numbers 8:1-9:23
Mark 13:14-37
Psalm 50:1-23
Proverbs 10:29-30


Verse of the day:

And since you don’t know when that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert! (Mark 13:33)

All my life I have heard about Jesus coming; and not just coming, but coming soon. My grandfather, who passed away last December was confident that he would not pass from this life through death but would see the return of Jesus. It was when I was in when I was in high school that a book was published telling us 88 reason Jesus would return that year. Then it was Y2K. Then it was the Mayan calendar of 2012. Yet here we all are. Daily we check off the calendar. Monthly we turn the page. Yearly we start again.


Are you tired of waiting? Waiting is not one of my strengths; but waiting for something that I don’t know when it will happen, that is really difficult. It is easy to get distracted. It is easy to fall asleep. It is easy to get annoyed and think it is never going to happen.


Jesus knew that we would struggle. He tells us that we have to stay on guard. Stay alert. Keep watch. When we see the headlines of the day’s news lining up with things that we read about in the Bible we know that the time is soon. We just need to make sure that our understanding of soon is the same as God’s. If a day is truly like a thousand years to God, then our world has six days of recorded history and Jesus just died only two days ago. Soon is relative to your perspective. Keep watch, stay alert because Jesus is coming. Soon.