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Daily Devotions

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The Eternal Kingdom

Posted: Monday, March 2

Pastor Ken Beach // Creative Arts &amp; Executive Pastor

Pastor Ken Beach // Creative Arts & Executive Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Leviticus 25:47-27:13
Mark 10:32-52
Psalm 45:1-17
Proverbs 10:22


Verse of the day:

Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever. You rule with a scepter of justice. You love justice and hate evil. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you, pouring out the oil of joy on you more than on anyone else. (Psalm 45:6)

Kings and Queens come and go. In their frailty, they die and the crown goes to the next in line, or to the one who takes it by force, and so it goes. As well, kingdoms rise and fall. For when there is unrighteousness and corruption at the top level, kingdoms and nations eventually collapse and subjects to the realm have their lives changed by the whim of men. 


But not so with God's throne and Kingdom—it is forever a Kingdom under the watchful care of a King who never changes.  It is an eternal kingdom—a kingdom of righteousness. For God hates unrighteousness. And because there is no unrighteousness in His realm, peace reigns forever. 


When speaking of Jesus, these verses were repeated in Hebrews 1: 8-9. Making it very clear that Jesus has made it possible for us to come into His kingdom through faith in Him. And because Jesus clothes us with His righteousness, we can enjoy eternity in His eternal kingdom. 


God's throne has been forever established; it cannot and will not fall.


And the good news?—to this promise there is no end!