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Daily Devotions

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A Biblical Perspective On Bullying

Posted: Monday, June 1

Pastor Dan Wootton // Worship &amp; Music Pastor

Pastor Dan Wootton // Worship & Music Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

2 Samuel 18:1-19:10
John 20:1-31
Psalm 119:153-176
Proverbs 16:14-15 


Verse of the day:

Powerful people harass me without cause, but my heart trembles only at your word. (Psalm 119:161)

Last week we had the opportunity to take a day trip to the Madison Zoo. (Yes, they have a zoo. It’s a small parade compared to Milwaukee, but nevertheless, it’s a zoo, and it’s free!) In our family, the highlight of any zoo is visiting the playground. Animals are cute, but running, climbing, and sliding is the glorious creator of nap time. 


Last week I was about 15 feet away from my 4-year-old, Ryder, when I witnessed a parenting first. An older boy approached and cut in line. Ryder began to verbally protest when the boy turned around, punched Ryder in the soldier, spit on him, and hopped down the slide. A couple scenarios ran through my head. I’ve never completed more than 3 days of P90X in a row, but I’m pretty sure I could throw a 7-year-old a good 20 feet. 


Final decision. I did nothing. Ryder was shocked, but he didn’t cry. He wandered back to me and shared the story. We agreed the other boy had acted poorly and celebrated Ryder’s choice of bravery.


Two thoughts. With other people’s children, I will always strive to thwart off bullying. Children need to be protected and bullying should be responded to aggressively. However, when it comes to my own children, I want to build children that don’t need to be defended (for certainly they will eventually be attacked in places beyond my rescue.) I want to raise children that are unaffected by cheap shots and unworthy opponents. I want to build children like Psalm 119—children that tremble only at the words of God.