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Daily Devotions

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A Good Investment

Posted: Wednesday, June 17

Pastor Armin Colón // International Pastor

Pastor Armin Colón // International Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

1 Kings 18:1-46
Acts 11:1-30
Psalm 135:1-21
Proverbs 17:12-13 


Verse of the day:

Then Barnabas went on to Tarsus to look for Saul. (Acts 11:25)

Barnabas was the main leader of the church in Antioch. He was known for his generosity and his godly character. His name means “son of consolation.” Barnabas was the one that introduced Paul to the Apostles. Later, Barnabas was sent by the church in Jerusalem to supervise the prosperity and growth of the church in Antioch. Barnabas was at the peak of his ministry.


On the other hand, Paul had been sent to Tarsus (his home town) because people were looking to kill him in Jerusalem. It sounded like he was placed in a time-out by the Apostles. He was not yet the great Apostle Paul. He was just another believer like many others. He was a passionate and a well-educated believer. In fact, he was sort of a loose cannon. At this point, nobody believed in him, well nobody but Barnabas.


You see, after assessing the condition and the needs of the church in Antioch, Barnabas decides to bring Paul under his wing. He intentionally traveled to Tarsus to find Paul. He invited Paul to come under his ministry at Antioch and, for a year, Paul served under Barnabas’ supervision and ministry. Barnabas didn’t have to help Paul. Yet, he did it knowing very well that Paul was a better speaker than he was and that eventually Paul was going to outshine him. Barnabas decided to invest in the life of Paul even if it meant he would be eclipsed because he wanted what was best for the church.


Are you allowing other people around you to shine? Or, do you need to always be in the limelight? Are you investing in someone’s life today? Are you currently intentionally mentoring someone to do what you do? I encourage you today to share your knowledge, to seek the benefit of others above your own, and to believe in the untapped potential of those around you. You’ll be surprised by what God wants to do in and through those around you!