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Daily Devotions

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A Word Study On The Word ‘Word’ 

Posted: Saturday, April 30

Pastor Dan Wootton // Worship &amp; Music Pastor

Pastor Dan Wootton // Worship & Music Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Judges 11:1-12:15
John 1:1-28
Psalm 101:1-8
Proverbs 14:13-14


Verse of the day:

In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.(John 1:1)

What exactly is ‘the Word’? Do you know? You might be tempted to rephrase and ask the more pointed question of WHO is ‘the Word’? You could do that, but then you’d be missing the point. 



‘The Word’ is the English translation for the Greek word ‘Logos’. ‘Logos’ appears over 300 times in the Bible. The most important appearance is here in John Chapter 1 when Jesus’ existence is summarized as ‘Logos’. The problem with ‘Logos’ is this: we don’t really know what it means. It’s a concept that is very difficult to pin down. We’re not talking about the plural form of ‘logo’. Jesus is not a symbol or a trademark. We’re not talking about philosophical reasoning; the word ‘logic’ comes from ‘logos’ but not at this time in history. ‘Logos’ is more than any of that. 



Webster’s definition works to uncover the iceberg. “Logos is the divine wisdom manifest in the creation, government, and redemption of the world.” ‘Logos’ is not ‘a’ word or ‘the’ word; it is ‘THEE’ word—the one and only. ‘Logos’ is the breath of all mankind, the summary of past and future, and the culmination of light and authority. The concept of ‘logos’ is too great to imprison in a definition. 



Bible scholars have unanimously agreed that translating ‘Logos’ as ‘the Word’ is the wisest concession, but never forget: it is a concession. Defining ‘Logos’ as ‘the Word’ is like calling a sunset ‘pretty’ or the ocean ‘big’. Jesus is beyond our scope of understanding. He is greater and farther than any word a writer could pen. Jesus is. JESUS IS.