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Daily Devotions

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The Law of Sin

Posted: Friday, July 21

Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide

2 Chronicles 4:1-6:11
Romans 7:1-13
Psalm 17:1-15
Proverbs 19:22-23

Verse of the day:

 “So we can see how terrible sin really is. It uses God’s good commands for its own evil purposes.” (Romans 7:13b NLT)

In our current sermon series, Route 66, we started by looking at the first five books of the Bible, the Law. In these books we have the covenant promises that God made to Abraham and Moses and we have all of the instructions of the Law. The Law is quite expansive, teaching us how to live with ourselves, with others and with the world around us. The Law can be overwhelming.  


Paul uses the argument in Romans that obeying the Law and being an offspring of Abraham is not enough to have your sin forgiven. Faith in Jesus Christ and his atoning death on the cross is what gives us power over sin. The purpose of the Law was to teach us how to live. It also served to show us just how in bondage to sin we are. Sin uses the Law to condemn us. Sin uses the Law to show us how much we don’t measure up. Sin uses the Law to open our eyes to just how hopeless we are.


So our hope cannot be in the Law, of which sin uses for its own purpose. Our hope is not in trying to live up to a standard that we could never obtain. Our hope is not in our own self-will and self-control. Our hope comes from outside of ourselves. When we are “crucified with Jesus” and allow our old self to die we find out that verse 6 becomes life to us, which reads, “But now we have been released from the law, for we died to it and are no longer captive to its power. Now we can serve God, not in the old way of obeying the law, but in the new way of living in the Spirit.”


So be encouraged today. Don’t try to live by the standard of the Law but invite the Spirit of God to walk with you and lead and guide your life. The way to life is through the Spirit, of which sin has not authority. Invite Him into your life today. It is time to break the Law, well the Law of Sin, anyway.