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Daily Devotions

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Posted: Friday, August 18

Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide

Esther 1:1-3:15
1 Corinthians 11:17-34
Psalm 35:17-28
Proverbs 21:19-20

Verse of the day: 

“But Mordecai heard about the plot and gave the information to Queen Esther. She then told the king about it and gave Mordecai credit for the report.”

(Esther 2:22)

Loyalty is not a word that we hear very much anymore. Companies are not loyal to long term employees. Employees seem to always be looking for an advancement and not for what is best for their company. Friendships seem to have taken a hit as well and let’s not even bring up the divorce rate and marriages.


The story of Esther has so many layers too it. Mordecai could have been angry at the king for taking away his niece. He could have been bitter about being in a place of exile instead of the Promised Land. He could have seen his role in the government as an opportunity to sabotage from the inside. However, when we read this short paragraph of Mordecai’s role in saving the kings life, we find that he was a man of integrity and loyalty.


Mordecai may never have been in the Promised Land. The time of his life was most likely seventy years after the destruction of Jerusalem and the deportation of the Jews to Babylon and then into the Persian empire. He was most likely raised hearing the stories of the Jewish kings and the Promised Land. He was a refugee living in a foreign land and serving a foreign king. Mordecai had worked hard and risen to a place of honor as a man of wisdom and honor. He proved his loyalty when he overheard a plot to assassinate the king.


His motive was not promotion or prestige. He did not do it to be rewarded. He did what he thought was right, because it was right. He spoke up, even when others may have remained silent. The king did not honor him for this right away. Later, God would use this footnote in Esther to be a way to humiliate Haman, the enemy of the Jews and Mordecai. However, Mordecai had no reason to believe that anything good would come out of this for himself. He just did what was right.


I love this short aside to the whole narrative of Esther and how it seemed to be an insignificant moment in time, but teaches so much about the life and character of this man who help to raise and influence Esther. We never know the times that our loyalties will be tested or when we will have a moment to stand for right. If you are looking to impress and for promotion, then you may miss the simple moments where simple obedience and loyalty will bring an opportunity your way. Ask yourself, where do your loyalties lie? Who have you aligned yourself with? Are you a person of integrity and someone that can be counted on? Maybe we all have something to learn from this Jewish man who was simply loyal.