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Daily Devotions

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Over and Beyond

Posted: Monday, March 12

Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

Pastor Shawn Follis // Youth Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide

Numbers 16:41-18:32
Mark 16:1-20
Psalm 55:1-23
Proverbs 11:7

Verse of the day:    

 “When he went into the Tabernacle of the Covenant the next day, he found that Aaron’s staff, representing the tribe of Levi, had sprouted, budded, blossomed, and produced ripe almonds!” (Numbers 17:8)

There are some stories in the Bible that are just too cool. I mean, how many of us have been in the shoes of Aaron where we have wanted God to validate our position of leadership, our vision, our passion, or our faith. We always want to have faith to see God do something amazing. I have been left waiting many times. It seems the fleece I put out stays dry or the miracle I ask for does not happen. Usually it would seem that those type of things need to be initiated on God’s side But when God does initiate it, he will go above and beyond. 


Aaron’s staff, a dead stick, grew limbs, new leaves, and new flowers, blossomed and produced ripe almonds. Now because I did not know I looked up how long it takes for an almond tree to go from bud to ripe almonds. The process starts as early as November and the harvest season runs from August to October. So it take basically nine months to a year for almonds to grow. In one night, God took a dead stick and produced a year’s worth of growth. In one moment God validated Aaron as his priest, but he did it by going way over the top. A dead stick growing limbs is a miracle; but leaves, flowers and almonds? Can you say, “Over the Top!”


So I just have one question, was the staff made of the wood from an almond tree? I mean, I would think that it would be, right? But again, what if it was made of oak, maple or another hard wood? That type of staff producing Almonds is just beyond anything we can even ask or image.


So when you find yourself needing validation because of where you are serving, just know that God has you right where he needs you to be and if he wants to, he can show you and everyone else. Also, just know that if he does decide to show up it will be above and beyond.