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Daily Devotions

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“Make the Most of Your Days”

Posted: Monday, April 23

&nbsp;&nbsp; Pastor Tanto&nbsp; // Executive Pastor

   Pastor Tanto  // Executive Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide

Judges 1:1-2:9
Luke 21:29-22:13
Psalm 90:1-91:16
Proverbs 13:24-25

Verse of the day:

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. 
Psalm 90:12

Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively.  Personally, I love learning new ways to manage time to increase productivity in all areas of my life.  The Bible has much to offer about how we should use our time.  


Psalm 90 contains a verse pertaining to time.  I want us to look at this verse in its original context in order to apply it to our own lives.  


Psalm 90 was written by Moses. Yes, the same Moses that had an encounter with God at the burning bush.  The same Moses that had the incredible task of leading over 3,000,000 people through the desert and into the promised land.  


Moses was addressing the generation of Israelites who would cross the Jordan River and into the land of Canaan.  The generation prior to this audience wasted 40 years away in the desert because of their disobedience. They had wasted so much time complaining and rebelling.  This new group would need to live by faith and in obedience in order to accomplish God’s mission.


Teach us to number our days, Moses writes!  This suggests the brevity of human life.  In other words, do not mess up the little time we have in this life.  Minutes and hours wisely used translate into an abundant life.  Time is precious.  Do not squander it thoughtlessly.  If we are careful about our days, the years will take care of themselves.  Make the most of today and live in obedience to Him.