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Daily Devotions

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Beware of the Hot Head

Posted: Saturday, May 7

Pastor Stephanie Humpa // Care Ministries Pastor

Pastor Stephanie Humpa // Care Ministries Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

1 Samuel 1:1-2:21
John 5:1-23
Psalm 105:37-45
Proverbs 14:28-29 


Verse of the day:

People with understanding control their anger; a hot temper shows great foolishness. (Proverbs 14:29)

“A moment of patience in a moment of anger can save you a hundred moments of regret.”  I saw this quote and thought it was so fitting for today’s verse.  Moments of anger & frustration can pop up on you sometimes unexpectedly. You can be going through your day and someone will make a snide remark, you get cut off in traffic, or you get really disappointing news.  How do you handle those moments? Do you allow yourself to angrily vent? Do you say whatever comes to mind? Do you stop and pray?  We are often remembered and characterized by how we handle those moments. 



What usually follows these blow up moments? REGRET! There may be a small feeling of relief after letting your anger out but embarrassment and regret are soon to follow.  If you want to live regret free in this area always pause when you feel anger.  Take a moment to pray, take a moment to cool off, take a moment to gain some perspective.  It may be appropriate to address the situation but by taking a moment to pause and pray you can get God’s wisdom on how to best handle it. 



If this is an area of weakness for you then make the decision today that you will stop giving yourself permission to fully vent your anger. You will never regret pausing to pray and handling things God’s way!