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Daily Devotions

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Dont be afraid. Just Have faith.

Posted: Tuesday, February 21

Pastor Stephanie Humpa // Care Ministries Pastor

Pastor Stephanie Humpa // Care Ministries Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide

Leviticus 11:1-12:8
Mark 5:21-43
Psalm 38:1-22
Proverbs 10:8-9

Verse of the day:

“But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” (Mark 5: 36 NLT)

Jairus is desperate. His twelve year old daughter is at home and her health is failing quickly. Despite their efforts to help her, she continues to get worse. Jairus frantically searches for Jesus and begs him to intervene before it is too late. As they begin their journey to Jairus’ home, news comes that the girl was already gone. People begin to urge Jairus to leave Jesus alone. He was too late. It was hopeless. Nothing more could be done. She was already dead, right?


But Jesus lovingly reassures Jairus and says, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” What will Jairus do? He is facing the ultimate testing of his faith. All the natural signs point to a hopeless situation and that the battle was over- that he lost. He chooses to stay on the journey with Jesus. When they arrive to his home there was much crying and wailing over the death of his little girl. More proof that the battle had been lost.  Themourners even mocked and laughed when Jesus told them the girl would live. What would Jairus do? Would he believe Jesus or was the evidence too much? Could Jesus really bring his daughter back to life? He could still save some of his dignity if he sent Jesus away, but He choose to still believe and brought Jesus up to his daughter’s body. Jesus spoke a word and the girl was healed.


What are you facing that seems hopeless? What situation feels like it has already been lost? That it’s over, no sense in having hope. Whose report will you believe? Will you believe all the natural evidence? Will you believe the voice of the crowd saying it’s too late?  Or will you believe the loving, reassuring voice of Jesus who says, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.” If you choose to have faith it will require action. It will require looking silly at times in front of your family and friends because everything points to a hopeless outcome. But Jesus says “Have faith!”  Keeping moving forward. It’s not over.