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Daily Devotions

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God Wants You To Be A Morning Person

Posted: Thursday, July 7

Pastor Jon Brooks// College &amp; Young Adult Pastor

Pastor Jon Brooks// College & Young Adult Pastor

One Year Bible Reading: 

1 Chronicles 4:5-5:17
Acts 25:1-27
Psalm 5:1-12
Proverbs 18:19

Verse of the Day: 

Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
    Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly. (Psalm 5:3 NLT)

Are you a morning person?



For most of my life I have enjoyed sleeping in as late as possible. I would wake up with just enough time to take a quick shower and race to work. Anytime someone would speak about waking up early to meet with God I would simply think: ‘that’s not for me; that’s not the way God wired me.’ For much of my life I would pray and read before I went to bed.



Now that we have kids I’m waking up earlier by necessity. And since I was already up earlier than I wanted I thought ‘why not wake up 30 minutes earlier to read and pray’? Now I get it.



Morning has become my favorite part of the day. I go downstairs, brew a cup of coffee, sit in my favorite chair and open my Bible app. I allow God to speak to me before anyone else. I talk to God before talking to anyone else. And I tell God ‘today is going to be a busy day; show me what’s important’. As David says, we wait in expectation to meet God. His mercies are new each morning. Joy comes in the morning. And Jesus models this for us, as he would rise in the morning and go to a quiet place to meet with His father (Mark 1:35).



When you start your day with God your problems won’t go away, but you will tackle those problems with a new strength and peace. Whenever I ask someone I look up to spiritually about their devotional life they always tell me they meet with God in the morning. It’s simply their way of putting God first.



God wants you to be a morning person!