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Daily Devotions

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Get That Story Out There

Posted: Tuesday, June 25

Pastor Joshua Humpa// Children's Pastor

Pastor Joshua Humpa// Children's Pastor

June 25 Reading:

2 Kings 8:1-9:13
Acts 16:16-40
Psalm 143:1-12
Proverbs 17:26 

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Verse of the Day:

“Is this true?” the king asked her. And she told him the story. So he directed one of his officials to see that everything she had lost was restored to her, including the value of any crops that had been harvested during her absence.

(2 Kings 8:6)

What’s one of your classic stories? That’s a story you tell often. For me, some of the stories I retell the most are how God called me into ministry or how I proposed to my wife. Once you know that you have a good story that’s worth retelling, you naturally begin to craft the way you tell it. You know where to add the pauses, you know where to build the anticipation, the punch line is executed perfectly every time! We all have those stories that live in infamy. 

The story plopped in the beginning of 2 Kings chapter 8 is somewhat random in the midst of the context of the writing. It requires the reader to be familiar with the story from chapter 4 and remember the major details. The woman from Shunem’s son passed away, but in very strange fashion God used Elisha to bring him back from the dead. It truly was a miracle that I’m sure this woman could tell others about with them hanging on every word. 

We see this first hand in chapter 8 when she attempts to regain her land with the king’s blessing after a famine. He’s so impressed with her story of how God used Elisha to bring her son back to life that she not only gets her land back, but the king commands that she get all of the value of the food grown on the land over the time she was away. She received what she was hoping for and then some because of the power of her testimony - her story of God’s power. 

You have a story of God’s power and grace. It may not be as epic as your son coming back to life from the dead, but you have one! Being prepared to share your story can change the lives of people in a mighty way. When we bring glory to God, we worship Him in the purest form. Be encouraged to share your story of God often and watch what He does with it!