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Daily Devotions

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How Bold Are You?

Posted: Monday, June 6

Pastor Stephanie Humpa // Care Ministries Pastor

Pastor Stephanie Humpa // Care Ministries Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

1 Kings 1:1-53
Acts 4:1-37
Psalm 124:1-8
Proverbs 16:24 


Verse of the day:

And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. (Acts 4:29)

Do you consider yourself to be a bold person? Some people are born bold, but I wouldn’t describe myself as being naturally bold. When I think of people who are bold I think of people who are very outgoing, assertive,  outspoken, not afraid of taking risks, people who jump out of planes just for the fun of it.  That is not my natural tendency, and for many of you it’s not yours either! 



There is a time though that even if it’s not your natural tendency that we all need to be bold.  There are some things that are too important to not be bold about.  If someone we loved was in danger I think even the most timid person would find within them the boldness to try to rescue them.  If someone was tearing down and insulting your child or family member I think that would bring out some boldness! In the right circumstances we can all be bold!



Our world needs some bold believers to stand up! Political correctness and the fear of offending has caused many to lose their boldness. But boldness that is brought on by the Holy Spirit has the power to change the confused, and lost world that we live in! The early believers faced a ton of persecution and opposition.  They prayed for boldness and the Holy Spirit filled them and empowered them to be able to preach boldly and see many miracles.  We know the truth and are saved because others have been bold to preach and share the truth. 



I would encourage you today to read the entire chapter of Acts 4. As you read it take note of all the times the word “boldness” is used and what the outcome of the “boldness” was.  If you aren’t naturally a bold person that’s ok! We know that we can pray a prayer like the believers did in Acts 4:29 and that God will empower us to be bold!