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Daily Devotions

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Incapable of Forgetting

Posted: Wednesday, January 4

Pastor Armin Colón // International Pastor

Pastor Armin Colón // International Pastor

One Year Bible reading Guide

Genesis 8:1-10:32
Matthew 4:12-25
Psalm 4:1-8
Proverbs 1:20-23

Verse of the day:

God did not forget about Noah and the animals with him in the boat. So God made a wind blow, and the water started going down. (Genesis 8:1 CEV)


The ark was not Noah’s idea. It was God’s idea. Noah had followed God’s instructions for years. He built the ark and saw how God delivered his family and him.



After it stopped raining, the flooding didn’t start to go down right away. In fact, it took over six months before Noah and his family could exit the ark. Noah may have wondered how long he was going to be in ark. He might have gotten discouraged wondering if the floods were ever going to go away.



According to Genesis 8:1, “God did not forget Noah.” In fact, God made a wind to blow over the earth and the waters started to go down.  Yet, it took time after God provided the “wind” for the ground to be dry enough before he could exit the ark.



Today, you might be going through a scary and overwhelming season of life - just like Noah. You may be wondering, “How long, Lord?” How long do I have to wait? How long will I have to struggle? I don’t know how to answer these questions.



What I do know is that God hasn’t forgotten about you. God is incapable of forgetting you. He knows where you are, what you need, and how to help you. God is at work. He is causing a wind to blow. Don’t get impatient. God will act at the right time to see you through.



Regardless of how scary or overwhelming things are, God will never forget you. So, you can live in peace and joy knowing God’s wind is blowing and the waters will soon subside. You have a bright future ahead because God will accomplish what you can’t do on your own.