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Daily Devotions

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The Writing Is On The Wall

Posted: Tuesday, November 28

Pastor Joshua Humpa// Children's Pastor

Pastor Joshua Humpa// Children's Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Daniel 5:1-31
2 Peter 2:1-22
Psalm 119:113-128
Proverbs 28:19-20

Verse of the Day:

Suddenly, they saw the fingers of a human hand writing on the plaster wall of the king’s palace, near the lampstand. The king himself saw the hand as it wrote, and his face turned pale with fright. His knees knocked together in fear and his legs gave way beneath him.

(Daniel 5:5-6 NLT)

You’ve heard the phrase, “The writing is on the wall,” right? It means that what is about to happen is so obvious to everyone, as if what’s about to happen is literally written on a wall for everyone to see. It’s a clever phrase and like most phrases with deep meaning I wonder where they came from? This origin is cool because it comes straight from the Bible, it’s even the passages title. 


The origin begins with King Belshazzar throwing a huge party and in his drunkenness, decides to bring in the gold and solver cups stolen from the Temple in Jerusalem. Big mistake #1. As he parties on, he and his guests praise the gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, and stone. Big mistake #2. As if straight from an episode of the Twilight Zone, a floating human shaped hand appears and begins to write on the plaster of the wall these words, “mene, mene, tekel, parsin.” No one could understand what the words meant until Daniel (yes, the Daniel from Daniel and the lion’s den) came to interrupt it. The interpretation read that Belshazzar’s days were numbered both as ruler and as a living person because he had tipped the scales to far in God’s eyes and as a result, his kingdom would also be divided. Pretty embarrassing and scary for Belshazzar. The very night he died. 


Belshazzar’s main issue according to Daniel’s interpretation was his pride. As was the case with Satan, pride was the bubbling motivation that lead to their downfall. Often times, we create our own problems and messes. For whatever reason we can be blind to the disorder we create, but to others it’s painfully clear what has caused this pain. Will we allow our sins to progress so far that the writing on the wall becomes so obvious that no one is surprised to see it coming? We can ask, “What did I do to deserve this?” Sometimes it really is just a bad play at the game of life, but most times it’s because of the decisions we have purposefully made. Thankfully, we have a God who will graciously give us wisdom and grace if we ask for it. Don’t let the writing on the wall of your life be one of doom and gloom. God has a much higher calling and plan for you and He wants you to live it out as it’s clearly written out in Scripture!