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Daily Devotions

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“I’ll be praying for you”

Posted: Thursday, July 12

Tyler Jensen // Worship Associate

Tyler Jensen // Worship Associate

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

1 Chronicles 12:19-14:17
Romans 1:1-17
Psalm 9:13-20
Proverbs 19:4-5

Verse of the Day:

Let me say first that I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith in him is being talked about all over the world.  God knows how often I pray for you.  Day and night I bring you and your needs in prayer to God, whom I serve with all my heart by spreading the Good News about his Son. (Romans 1: 8-9)

Did you know that there is an actual website for the Dictionary of Christianese?  It is a collection of commonly used phrases that many Christians would know, but would mean nothing to the average person.  Some examples would be, hedge of protection, prayer warrior, or handclap of praise… all phrases we use to mean something that we understand, but most people wouldn’t.  How many times have you heard the following statements… “I’ll pray for that,” or “I’ll pray for you”?  If you’re like me, it has become a second nature response that I have often given without taking a moment to think about what I was really saying.  It has become the Christianese response for every problem that someone shares.  


It’s really not a bad thing to say, but so often it becomes a get out of jail free card that we have no intention of following up on.  Recently, I began to feel convicted about saying those phrases if I wasn’t going to actually pray for the request.  If Paul, who was connected with so many cities and churches, could still confidently say that he was keeping the Romans in prayer consistently, then surely I could find a way to make space in my prayer time for others and not just me.  To do that would require me to be making conscious efforts to remember all the prayer requests I said I would be praying for.  


My pattern now is that I keep a list on my phone for every prayer request that I am praying for.  Every time someone shares one with me, I put it in my phone as soon as the conversation is over, and leave it on the list until I know it has been answered in one way or another.  I want to make sure that I am keeping my word and praying for those close to me who trust me enough to share a need they have.  Paul’s example tells us that it is so important to be keeping our Brothers and Sisters’ needs a regular part of our prayer life.  It is these selfless prayers that strengthen our relationships with each other, and the Church as a whole.  I encourage you to let my challenge be yours as well… to be intentional in keeping track of the prayer requests shared with you, so that we can consistently be lifting each other up.  So the next time you tell someone “I’ll be praying for you,” it can be more than just Christianese.