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Daily Devotions

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Where Is Your Hope?

Posted: Wednesday, June 12

Carrie Lutter// Preschool Director

Carrie Lutter// Preschool Director

June 12 Reading:

1 KINGS 9:1-10:29
ACTS 8:14-40
PSALM 130:1-8

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Verse of the Day:

“I am counting on the LORD; yes, I am counting on him. I have put my hope in his word.”

(Psalm 130:5 NLT)

I think it can be hard sometimes to get our minds around this concept of HOPE. We are looking so hard for things that are tangible and we want immediate results to situations in our lives. HOPE seems like a childish mindset sometimes, doesn’t it? If we’re responsible humans, we aren’t going to wait around and HOPE that things will move in the right direction; we are going to make it happen. Especially, as Christ followers, we’re called to work, so let’s get it done and now.

What God’s word is telling us here is not that we should be lazy or wait around for someone to just take care of things for us. What it’s saying is that we should work with an expectancy and a joyful anticipation that God is going to come through each time we put our faith and hope in Him.

This can be hard sometimes, especially if you’ve had a lot of disappointment in your life. We all kind of start out life with a natural tendency to rely on people and as kids we put a lot of hope in others. We believe that the people who love us more than anything wouldn’t possibly ever let us down. Unfortunately, the inevitable usually happens. Whether we’re still kids, young adults or all grown up, somebody that we put our hope in, lets us down and we start to lose trust in other people. As a result, we begin taking care of things ourselves. This idea of putting our hope in something or someone else gets harder and harder.

I want to encourage you today that God is faithful. Whatever your situation may be, put your hope in Christ. Other people may let you down, but God will not.  Count on Him more than you count on yourself. It may take time to see results and things may not turn out the exact way you thought, but that is because His love for us is so great. He works in His time, so that the results are far better than we could have ever imagined.