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Daily Devotions

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Reading Rainbow

Posted: Monday, January 4

 Pastor Joshua Humpa // Children's Pastor

Pastor Joshua Humpa // Children's Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Genesis 8:1-10:32
Matthew 4:12-25
Psalm 4:1-8
Proverbs 1:20-23 


Verse of the day:

I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my covenant with you and with all the earth. (Genesis 9:13)

The story of a worldwide flood is told in numerous cultures around the world. While the details differ, the grand scheme of it all points to the fact that this actually happened. There was an actual worldwide flood that desolated the population to nothing. There were actual shifts in the Earth’s cosmetics because of this ginormous flood. And because the Bible can be proven to be without error, we can take the account of Noah as the original source for these stories. 



After all of the chaos and death, God looks down at Noah and his family and makes a lasting covenant, a promise to all of mankind from here on out. The rainbow, the beautiful colored refraction of light, serves as both a reminder to God and to us that never again would He flood the whole world.



If you have kids or even a family member that still acts like a kid, you know what it’s like to have to repeat yourself and constantly forgive. “Stop it!” was something I found myself saying a lot as the oldest sibling. God has probably said those exact words to us more times than we can count and yet we still don’t stop sinning. But the rainbow is His covenant. It’s God’s promise of love. God is a God of love. We love Him because He first loved us. Although the rainbow has become a tainted symbol in our culture, it’s origins began as a loving promise from a God who holds ultimate power. A promise of grace and patience no matter how betraying we are. 



The next time you see a rainbow, thank God for His grace. It would be so easy for God to just be done and rid of us all. But He is good and merciful. If you’re far from Him, it’s time to return. He wants you! Thank you God for the rainbow!