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Daily Devotions

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The Greatest

Posted: Wednesday, April 24

Pastor Tanto // Executive Pastor

Pastor Tanto // Executive Pastor

April 24 Readings:

Judges 2:10-3:31
Luke 22:14-34
Psalm 92:1-93:5
Proverbs 14:1-2 

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Luke 22 contains the last moments that Jesus would be with His disciples prior to His death and resurrection. Jesus used the last supper as a teaching opportunity about the new covenant and how His blood would be poured out for them.  Interestingly, the disciples were preoccupied in trying to figure out who was the greatest of the group.  Jesus did not rebuke them for wanting to be great but used their argument as a lesson of true greatness.  Those who are great are ones who serve others.   Jesus was one who came to serve and the new covenant was Jesus’ way to serve all of mankind. He came to suffer and to die for our sins so that we would not need to.  Jesus came as a servant of men, and all who would follow Him must imitate Him in this.  Greatness in Christ’s kingdom is marked by service to overs as opposed to ruling over others.  Today, let us show the world how great we really are by serving those around us.