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Daily Devotions

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Make Room in the Inn

Posted: Monday, December 25

Pastor Jon Brooks // College &amp; Young Adult Pastor

Pastor Jon Brooks // College & Young Adult Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide

Zechariah 8:1-23
Revelation 16:1-21
Psalm 144:1-15
Proverbs 30:29-31

Verse of the day:

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. (Luke 2:7 KJV)

Ever miss a big opportunity?


A few years ago a friend was passionately telling me about a new type of money that he had heavily invested in and made a small fortune. The whole conversation was intriguing but ultimately didn’t made sense to me and sounded very risky. He was telling me about Bitcoin. If I would have jumped in back then I would be sitting on a fortune today, but I didn’t see it coming. It was a miss. (I’m not encouraging investment in Bitcoin, to be clear).


When I read the Christmas story I see another group of people who clearly missed the opportunity of a lifetime: the inn keepers. Bethlehem was experiencing a boom in visitors due to the Roman census so people who had extra bedrooms would have rented those spaces for a premium price. By the time Mary and Joseph got to town all those rooms had been rented out so they simply said there’s no room in the inn.


When we read that we may wonder: what kind of person turns away a very pregnant woman? Who would send the son of God to be born in a stable? That’s just a horrible decision!


I’m convinced that the inn keepers are not bad people. Rather, they are busy people enjoying a moment of success. And they end up missing what should have been the most significant moment of their lives.


Here’s why this is a big deal for you and me:

You and I are busy.


And chances are you and I are successful. If you and I don’t learn the lesson of the inn keepers, we will make the same mistake.


In order to not miss God, we need to solve the busyness problem and correct our lean.


In order to solve the busyness problem we need to put first things first. We make room for God first and if other things like sports, side jobs and phone time don’t fit after that, then they don’t fit.


And the issue with success is this: success is a good thing but there’s a downside. Successful people have a hard time leaning on God because they can fix their problems with their own intelligence, skill, or by writing a check. Successful people lean into their own capacity instead of leaning into God.


The inn keepers probably saw Mary and Joseph as just more patrons. If you and I aren’t careful; in our busyness and in our success we’ll think that God is simply another task.


He’s not. He’s Lord. And to follow Him is the opportunity of a lifetime! Make room in the inn.