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Daily Devotions

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The Punishment Didn't Fit The Crime

Posted: Saturday, August 15

 Pastor Joshua Humpa // Special Events Pastor

Pastor Joshua Humpa // Special Events Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Nehemiah 9:22-10:39
1 Corinthians 9:19-10:13
Psalm 34:1-10
Proverbs 21:13 


Verse of the day:

Every time you punished us you were being just. We have sinned greatly, and you gave us only what we deserved. (Nehemiah 9:33)

Have you ever gotten into trouble and felt like the punishment didn’t fit the crime? I remember as a small kid, probably 3 or 4, I was with my Dad at the grocery store and really wanted something (probably Doritos, I’m a sucker for Doritos). He, being a good Dad and knowing I need to eat my veggies, not Doritos, said no way jose and wasn’t going to let me get them. For the rest of that grocery trip I was steaming mad and let him and everyone else know! As we walked to the car I made sure to keep my distance from him and walked down the opposite aisle of cars. He lost me for a second, which made itty bitty Joshua so proud - I showed him - but my Dad was going to show me! That night, my punishment was that right after dinner I had to go straight to my room. I remember sneakily peeking down the stairs to see him eating Oreos and watching TV, which I was supposed to do with him, only to be sucked dry of sweet treats and entertainment. O, woe is me!



There’s define times of discipline from God, but it’s never excessive or unnecessary. God is good, He’s a good natured God, so he never intends for harm to come upon us unless it is good for us. When God brings discipline or allows for something bad to happen, it’s always because in His omniscience foreknowledge, He knows it will help steer us in the better direction or make us stronger than before. My Dad wasn’t being excessively mean in not letting me eat Oreos with him, he was trying to help me see that I need to be better self controlled when I don’t get my way. 



Not every bad thing in our life is God’s punishment or will. Most times, the suffering we’re in is a direct result of poor choices we’ve made and the consequences that naturally follow. As the leaders of the Levites declare in today’s verse of the day, God gives us only what we deserve when being punished. God is not cruel, He’s not venomous, He is good! He is love, and we can love Him because He first loved us. The next time you’re really going through it, try and evaluate what you can learn from your situation and remember that God is never excessive, He is good!