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Daily Devotions

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The Wisdom Of Others

Posted: Sunday, August 2

Pastor Ken Beach // Creative Arts &amp; Executive Pastor

Pastor Ken Beach // Creative Arts & Executive Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

2 Chronicles 32:1-33:13
Romans 15:23-16:9
Psalm 25:16-22
Proverbs 20:16-18 


Verse of the day:

Plans succeed through good counsel; don’t go to war without wise advice. (Proverbs 20:18)

Good advice is necessary for good decision-making, and good advice is only received through good counselors. Solomon teaches us to submit our major plans to the scrutiny and criticism of wise counselors, who can save us from disappointment and trouble. This is true wisdom – to deliberate before we act, and to establish our plans by wise counsel.

The only perfect counselor is the Lord. But He has not left us without other counselors. We have His perfect Word, which can make us wise. We have His ministers, who can be perfect counselors by His Word. We have parents, who usually have much greater wisdom and experience, and they also have strong motivation to save us from trouble. We have friends and brethren who are known for wisdom.

What kind of counselors do you seek and use for your weighty decisions? Though older men and women are not always wise, they generally are wiser. And if there are any moral considerations at all; they should have God’s wisdom in their heart and the highest degree of concern for your safety and prosperity. 


Merely seeking counsel to fulfill this proverb is not enough, for we must also listen to the advice and follow it. Otherwise, the whole mechanism of safety and success is thwarted. A multitude of counselors is not needed for every decision. So this principle does not apply to all decisions, but rather to those of serious consequence and risk.

In those important decisions, a multitude of counselors is the wisest course; they will give you more to think about, and from different perspectives and a variety of experiences. Of course, this choice to seek counsel takes time. It also requires humility to ask others for their opinion, implying your need for their assistance. This kind of humility is, and of itself, wisdom. So don’t convince yourself that you cannot afford the time, or that you can make better decisions on your own—that’s dangerous thinking.

Lastly, keep in mind that the ultimate counselor is the Holy Spirit, Who guides us by the Bible, not feelings. God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. If we submit our plans to the Lord, He will establish our thoughts. If our hearts are in fellowship with Him, we can move ahead with plans, submitting all to His will.