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Daily Devotions

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Throw A Party!

Posted: Wednesday, March 23

Pastor Jon Brooks // College &amp; Young Adult Pastor

Pastor Jon Brooks // College & Young Adult Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide:

Numbers 36:1-Deuteronomy 1:46
Luke 5:29-6:11
Psalm 66:1-20
Proverbs 11:24-26 


Verse of the day:

Later, Levi held a banquet in his home with Jesus as the guest of honor. Many of Levi’s fellow tax collectors and other guests also ate with them. (Luke 5:29)

When I have good news to share, I want to tell everyone! Can you relate?



When my wife came home from the doctor and told me that we were expecting I wanted to post the news right away. When I learned months before it became public that Chick Fil A was opening in Oak Creek again I wanted to tell everyone I know. Good news is meant to be shared! And there is no better news than the good news, the gospel! However when it comes to this good news we often struggle to find ways to share what God has done in our life.



Luke 5 tells us that shortly after Jesus recruited Levi as a disciple, Levi (Matthew) hosted a party for all his friends to get to know Jesus! He invited Jesus and his disciples. He invited his friends and co-workers who didn’t know Jesus. There was food, beverage and conversation. It was simply a party.



Do you believe God could work if you threw a party? Matthew believed so.  



Not long ago our family was invited to a birthday party. There were lots of other couples from church, which is normal for our social circle. But there were also several young couples not from church who were neighbors of our friends. Without forcing it, people who knew Jesus interacted with people who did not know Jesus. Great conversations took place and I believe seeds of faith were planted. The challenge is that the longer a person is a Christian, the less relationships they have with people who are far from God. This is an area of my life that I have to grow in.



God can do amazing things at a party, where people know Jesus celebrate with those who don’t know Jesus. Perhaps it’s time to throw a party!