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Daily Devotions

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The Laws of Attraction

Posted: Friday, September 7

Pastor Dan Wootton // Worship &amp; Music Pastor

Pastor Dan Wootton // Worship & Music Pastor

One Year Bible Reading Guide

Song of Solomon 5:1-8:14
2 Corinthians 9:1-15
Psalm 51:1-19
Proverbs 22:24-25

Verse of the day:

“His mouth is sweetness itself; he is desirable in every way. Such, O women of Jerusalem, is my lover, my friend.” (Song of Songs 5:16 NLT)

In Song of Songs chapter 5, a young woman is singing the praises of her love. She describes his body, his face, and his eyes with an endless stream of simile. If chapter 5 was a movie, it wouldn’t be G-rated. His posture is like “noble cedars.” His arms are like “bars of gold.” We must look past the elaborate poetics, however, to observe an important facet. This man is not only physically attractive; he is also good.

When she describes his mouth as “sweetness itself,” this distinction is clear. She’s not commenting on his breath or the physical appearance of his teeth or lips. She knows that the words that come from his mouth are “sweetness itself.” The Message version of the Bible describes it this way: “His words are kisses, and his kisses are words.”  

Can we then walk this idea backwards through the chapter? If she’s attracted to his mouth because of what it does (and not what it looks like), might we also believe that she’s attracted to his arms because of the work he accomplishes? His posture because of the respect he garners in the community? His body because of the safety he provides? His eyes because of the attentiveness he offers her?

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Beauty, like supreme dominion is but supported by opinion.” Attraction is not a checklist of body types or features. It is the value of who someone is to you, and who you are to them.