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Daily Devotions

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Whether Quickly Or Not, Keep Asking

Posted: Saturday, July 8

Pastor Joshua Humpa// Children's Pastor

Pastor Joshua Humpa// Children's Pastor

One Year Bible Reading:

1 Chronicles 5:18-6:81
Acts 26:1-32
Psalms 6:1-10
Proverbs 18:20-21

Verse of the Day:

 Paul replied, “Whether quickly or not, I pray to God that both you and everyone here in this audience might become the same as I am, except for these chains.” (Acts 26:29 NLT)

Who are you currently praying for to come to have a personal relationship with Jesus? How long have you been praying for them? Days? Weeks? Years? I know what it’s like to care about someone deeply and to pray daily for their salvation. It can be discouraging as time ticks on and it seems like they’re only drifting farther from the Truth. It’s troubling to repeat the same prayers and feel like it’s getting you nowhere. It’s surreal when that person finally surrenders their life to Jesus!




In today’s reading, Paul is sharing his personal story about how he came to realize Jesus was the only source of eternal salvation. He’s standing before King Agrippa, the governor, and other key leaders defending himself. He goes through how Jesus miraculously revealed himself to Paul and how his life has been changed since. The king responds to Paul, “Do you think you can persuade me to become a Christian so quickly?” Paul counters back saying that whether it happens today or in 6 years, he prays that the King and everyone paying attention would one day have the same kind of transformation from Jesus that he experienced. 




Who do you care about that you want to see in Heaven? Are you praying daily for their salvation? Have you given up? Go after it hard! Today and moving forward, whether it happens quickly or not, keep asking Jesus to reveal himself in a powerful way to those you love. Pray that they may experience the power of God in a fresh, real way! If you keep asking, Jesus will show up. Let’s be the church that never ceases praying for the salvation of others!