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Why We Do Things God’s Way

Posted: Wednesday, July 17

Joshua Humpa // Children’s Pastor

Joshua Humpa // Children’s Pastor

July 17 Reading:

1 Chronicles 24:1-26:11
Romans 4:1-12
Psalm 13:1-6
Proverbs 19:15-16

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But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners (Romans 4:5)

Can you think of the nicest, most gracious, honest person you know? It could be a celebrity, someone in your family… me (wink wink). Now that you can picture their face, what about them has given them this incredible ranking in your opinion? My guess is by the way they have treated you and others around them. They do things that are selfless, heroic, and kind. By our standards our actions determine how upstanding, or righteous, we are. What if I told you that for God, He cares more about our faith than our actions?

It’s a very bold statement and seems completely backwards. Paul, who wrote this truth in his letter to the Roman church in the first century, proclaimed that we are considered righteous not based on our good deeds, but rather on our belief in Jesus. We’re very much a people who value working hard and controlling our destiny. If you want to get anywhere in life then you need to strap on your boots and make it happen!

When Paul was writing this the current understanding of how to serve God was by following the Jewish Law (the ten commandments and all of the hundreds of expanded footnotes). If you obeyed the law you would be considered righteous, or ok with God. Post Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection, all of that changed! Now salvation and right standing with God is based on whether or not you accept Jesus as your hero, the only one who can save us from our sins. We don’t make life choices that are God’s way as our means to earn a good spot in Heaven. We obey God as a way to prove out that we have faith in Jesus - that He is who He said He was and that we truly believe it. Our works are a result of our faith, not a source of salvation. If we willingly make choices that go against God’s standards we say to Him that we don’t have faith in Him - that our way is better. 

Faith leads our actions. We love God because He first loved us. Today, the choices we make will speak to God how and what we believe. If we’re saved by Jesus, let’s live it out as a way of showing Him we love Him!