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We've developed an environment that's more than babysitting. In our Nursery, children are surrounded by an attitude of love, praise, and teaching! 


Simple songs and interactive stories are used to teach even the youngest child truths from the Bible. Kids will enjoy snacks, play time, coloring, and other fun activities designed especially for them! 


For the protection of the children, we've designed a check-in security system that allows you to rest at ease knowing your child is safe while you attend service.

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  • Start at the Nursery desk where our team will register your family and begin the check-in process.


  • You'll receive a name tag for your child, a pager in the event we need to reach you, and an "In" slip. You'll be instructed where your child will go from there.


  • After service, return to the same desk you checked your child in to check them out.


  • You'll return the pager and receive an "Out" slip to show to the volunteer in your child's classroom where your child will be released to you.


  • Children will only be released to those you authorize during check-in.


  • After your couple visits, self check-in computers are provided to make check-in, printing your child's name tag, and checking out a quick seamless process!



Safety is important to us to ensure that you and your child can have a wonderful experience. All of our staff and volunteers have passed an interview and background check


We are glad to provide a safe and fun area for your little ones during all of our regular services!

If you would like to be part of the Nursery volunteer team, contact Amanda Wegner or Pastor Joshua Humpa.

Nursery Director Amanda Wegner
(414) 762-2010


Children's Pastor Joshua Humpa
(414) 762-2010

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