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Planning Center Giving

Click “GIVE NOW” to use the Planning Center Giving portal!


We are excited to announce a new way for you to give through Planning Center. We currently use this online platform to manage groups and worship services, and we will be expanding it to other areas in the coming months.


Whether you’re a first time or regular giver, or have a recurring giving plan, Planning Center Giving offers the ability to easily customize the way you give and track your giving history.


Disabling SecureGive Accounts


Planning Center will replace our SecureGive online platform. Any online recurring giving plans set up through SecureGive using debit or credit card transactions will need to be disabled. CLICK HERE to connect to the SecureGive portal and disable your previous account.

View Planning Center Giving Instructions

Click the link above for a PDF of instructions on how to disable a SecureGive account and set up a giving plan through Planning Center Giving.


If you currently have a recurring giving plan set up through ACH (direct deposit) from your bank account, contact Marge Eidson (meidson@oakcreekag.org OR 414-762-2010) at the church offices to disable those payments. You will then be able to set up new transactions through Planning Center Giving.

Accessing Planning Center Giving

To access the Planning Center Giving online portal, go click one of the “GIVE NOW” buttons on this page. This will take you to a new online giving portal where you can give a one-time gift or set up/manage a recurring giving plan. See the Planning Center Giving Instructions for details.

Need help?


If you have trouble disabling giving plans in SecureGive, logging in to Planning Center Giving, or setting up new giving plans in Planning Center, email Marge Edison (meidson@oakcreekag.org) or call the church offices (414-762-2010) and ask for her directly.


Click “GIVE NOW“ to use the Planning Center Giving portal!