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Boys & Young Men // Grades K–12

Mentoring future leaders to discover and become
the men God intended them to be. 

Rangers meet every Wednesday night to fellowship with other boys and get training for the incredible Christian adventures that lie ahead of them. This fun and highly-relational program has been tailored to meet to physical, spiritual and social needs of boys in every age group. Boys are encouraged to attend faithfully to earn rewards for completing the necessary Bible, leadership and skills training that will equip them to be effective future leaders of church ministry. Refer to this calendar regularly for updates on local as well as district-wide events.

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As men and boys learn new skills and do things side-by-side, they are given opportunities to establish friendship – the bedrock of the mentoring relationship. While many of their peers stall out on the journey to adulthood, these boys and young men move into manhood with confidence and in relationship with their Heavenly Father and the Church. 


Learning what it takes to be a godly man.

Royal Rangers is a church-based mentoring ministry for future men. Discipleship in manhood is modeled by mentors who guide boys on a Bible-based journey to maturity in faith.

Boys study and apply what the Bible says about doctrine, sexuality/integrity, Biblical worldview, cultural issues, and Christlike Manhood.


Skilled mentors, trained in servant leadership development.

Guided by resources written specifically for boys of every age group, adult leaders are trained to create a growth environment so that Royal Rangers is a boy-led, adult-facilitated ministry. This empowers the boys to be less self-sufficient and more Christ-dependent. Less self-centered, more others-centered.


Royal Rangers has always been an integral part of Oak Creek Assembly of God and has produced scores of Christian leaders that actively serve in ministry today. We continue this tradition as we welcome over 200 boys in our Children's Wings every Wednesday night from 7pm 



Joe Tamblyn//  Outpost Coordinator  //  one.eighty4christ@gmail.com



Ranger Kids is specifically geared to the characteristics, needs and interests of boys in grades K – 2. The life of a Ranger Kid includes great indoor & outdoor adventures. They participate in camps, outings, Ranger Derbies and even watch Milwaukee Bucks games together. Weekly meetings with other boys are held at church where they’ll play games and build projects.

Jeff Papendorf  //  Kindergarten Leader

Matt Ditzer  //  Kindergarten Helper

Mike Sutton  //  Kindergarten Helper

Lynn Evers  //  1st Grade Leader

Eileen Dixon  // 1st Grade Helper

Melissa Fonte  //  1st Grade Helper

Dean Evers  //  2nd Grade Leader

Kevin Adams  // 2nd Grade Helper



Discovery Rangers allows boys 3rd through 5th grade to be presented the seven experiences of Royal Rangers (Connect, Do, Grow, Learn, Belong, Lead, and Serve) in an interactive and highly relational environment. He is also introduced to exciting new outdoor adventures.

Will Diaz  //  3rd Grade Leader

Josh Chandler  //  3rd Grade Helper

Josh Evers //  3rd Grade Helper

Josh Evers  //  3rd Grade Helper

Jon Piasecki  //  4th Grade Leader

Marco Resendez // 4th Grade Helper

Peter Tamblyn  //  5th Grade Leader

Bryan Chandler // 5th Grade Helper

Arnoldo Tax  //  5th Grade Helper



Adventure Rangers is designed to inspire young men in 6th to 8th grade to make a discipleship journey toward Christlike manhood and lifelong servant leadership. Throughout the three-year program, the Ranger will go on several Adventure Camps and has the opportunity to join the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship.

Jody Smith  //  Adventure & Expedition Rangers Coordinator

Pat Myers  //  6th–8th Grade Leader

Mark Hufen  //  6th–8th Grade Leader

Mark (Doc) Nemetz  //  6th–8th Grade Leader

Gary Gabriel  //  6th–8th Grade Helper



Expedition Rangers is for high school teens, grades 9–12. It is specially designed to mentor young men on the brink of adulthood into a lifetime of Christlike manhood and servant leadership.

Fred Felch  //  9th–12th Grade Leader

Mark Zager  //  9th–12th Grade Leader




Terry Olson // Ranger Office & Supplies

Andrew Baumann // Ranger Store



Pastor Joshua Humpa  //  Children's Pastor


(414) 762-2010  //  jhumpa@oakcreekag.org