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3 and 4 year olds love to be hands-on while learning, which is why our Preschool programs provide an interactive learning atmosphere in a colorful and fun environment!


On Sundays, preschoolers get the opportunity to experience God in bite-sized bits through illustrated Bible lessons, videos, comical puppets, and more!


Children rotate through rooms, each with a new experience including snacks, crafts, Large and Small Group lessons, and play time in the "Tree Fort"; a giant play area with tubes, slides, and a larger-than-life tree character!



This is another opportunity on Sundays at 9:30AM for kids to hear, and sometimes be part of, Bible stories in a fun, creative way. You can check out the Adult Power For Living Groups HERE.


Your child will learn so much about the Bible and who God is, build relationships with friends and leaders, all while having the time of their life!

Wednesdays Rainbowns.png

Rainbows is our Wednesday Night Kids Club for Preschoolers.


Along with all the fun of singing songs, creating imaginative crafts, and enjoying snacks, Preschoolers are encouraged and taught to dig into the Bible at a level that's appropriate for them.


Children are given the chance to memorize Bible verses and earn badges to add to their Rainbows Vest. The more verses they learn, the more badges they receive!



Learning the Bible is made easy and fun while illustrating spiritual growth.


For the protection of your children, we've designed a check-in security system that allows you to rest at ease while attending service knowing your child is safe.

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Check IN Preschool.jpg


  • Start at the Preschool desk where our team will register your family and begin the check-in process.


  • Your child will receive a name badge and an "In" slip. You'll be instructed where your child can go from there.


  • After service, return to the same desk you checked your child in to check them out.


  • You'll receive an "Out" slip to show to the volunteer in your child's classroom where your child will then be released to you.


  • Children will only be released to those you authorize during check-in.


  • After your first couple visits, self check-in computers are provided to make signing in, printing your child's name tag, and checking out a quick seamless process!



Safety is important to us to ensure that you and your child can have a wonderful experience. All of our staff and volunteers have passed an interview and background check.


We are glad to provide a safe and fun area for your little ones during all of our regular services!

If you would like to be a part of the Preschool volunteer team, fill out the form HERE to let us know!

For more info about Preschool, contact:

Preschool Director Carrie Lutter

(414) 762-2010



Children's Pastor Joshua Humpa
(414) 762-2010

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